Memories of 20 years ago

As part of our 20th Birthday celebrations, we asked Trustees and Staff to share their memories of 20th years ago….. do you remember what you were doing in 2001?

When I think back twenty years I was working full time with two sons at junior school.

So much was different then. The original Nokia was the mobile phone  I had for my work as a clinical manager in the NHS. Diaries and notes were paper based. Filofaxes were popular.

The film of the year was “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and if you did not watch it in the cinema, later in the year you were able to rent it on Video from your local Blockbuster store.

2001 is probably best remembered for the Terror attack on the twin towers on the 11th September. I can still remember exactly where I was. I was at a heath centre in West Bridgford when I heard about it.

The woman of the year was yachtswoman Ellen McCarthur .

The top music hits were Shaggy “It wasn’t me” and Geri Haliwell “Its raining men”.

In this  historical context a group of women identified the need for outreach and support for women who were suffering from domestic abuse in the Eastwood area and in January 2001 Broxtowe Women’s Project came into being.

Over the last 20 years the project has supported many women and empowered them to move on with their lives. The project has developed and now  has a Children’s Service so it can focus on the whole family.

Although much has changed the need for the service has not.

Rosie, BWP Trustee

The Nottingham edition of Monoploy was released in 2001!