Join the Super 16 Challenge!

This White Ribbon Day (25 November) marks the first day of the 2023 Super 16 Challenge! We invite you to join us in raising funds and awareness of our work by taking part in a challenge of your choice during the 16 Days of Action (25 November – 10 December). The challenge could be anything … Continue reading Join the Super 16 Challenge!

Super 16 Business Challenge

This year, we’re pitching super businesses against each other in our Super 16 Business Challenge! Would you like to support us at work by having fun and competing against other local businesses? We’re challenging your organisation to work as a team to raise the most money within the 16 Days of Action (25 November – … Continue reading Super 16 Business Challenge

Super 16 Challenge

Take part in the Super 16 Challenge – every year from 25 November to 10 December. We challenge people to carry out 16 Days of Action marking the time between White Ribbon Day and Human Rights Day. Raise awareness of the White Ribbon message whilst fundraising for Broxtowe Women’s Project. You could: Do something for … Continue reading Super 16 Challenge

Businesses – we need you!

This White Ribbon Day (25 November) marks the first day of the 2023 Super 16 Business Challenge! We invite you to compete against other local businesses to raise the most money during the 16 Days of Action (25 November – 10 December) and take winning place on the business leaderboard! The challenge could include some … Continue reading Businesses – we need you!

Charity Partnerships

As a charity partner to BWP, your organisation can make a tangible and measurable difference to the lives of women, children and young people impacted by Domestic Abuse. Support from our charity partners allows BWP to empower more women to live lives free from Domestic Abuse through our unique holistic, wrap-around approach, that results in … Continue reading Charity Partnerships

Supporting White Ribbon UK

White Ribbon UK is the leading charity ending male violence against women by engaging with men and boys to make a stand against violence. Every year Broxtowe Women’s Project supports the global White Ribbon movement in spreading their message to end male violence against women once and for all. Their mission is for all men … Continue reading Supporting White Ribbon UK

Domestic Abuse and its impact on mothering

Being belittled, degraded, insulted and put down on a habitual basis often leads to mothers questioning their competence, doubting their abilities and losing their confidence.

Obsessive Love this Valentine’s Day

For women who have lived through domestic abuse, Valentine’s Day can trigger difficult emotions.

When he uses the child to abuse you.

Abusive fathers will use their children in a variety of different ways to perpetuate domestic abuse. Using children is highly effective as a way of exerting power and control over their intimate partners or former partners.

From historic patriarchy to toxic shame. Why do men become domestic abusers?

“Men don’t abuse women because society tells them it’s ok. They do it because society tells them they are entitled to be in control.” In this blog we examine why men become domestic abusers.