A Stitch in Time

Saturday the 13th June 2020 celebrates National Sewing Machine Day. I imagine you are thinking what has that got to do with Domestic Abuse? But for one of our amazing survivors it has a lot to do with it. Read her story………………………………………..

“From the age of 12 I enjoyed helping out on my Fathers fabric stall, sewing & crafts were an everyday part of our lives growing up.
I have always sewn, making my own clothes & when I had a home making all the soft furnishings – I never bought curtains or cushions – I “upcycled” everything!

When I got married my partner hated the sewing, he said it created a mess, so to keep the peace I put the sewing machine away – for 15 years I made nothing for myself.

Now things are changing, I have lost weight & I am looking forward to making clothes again. I have started by knitting this jumper.

I realise how much I have missed the time spent creating things.
It was lovely to be invited to the craft session at Sewing Belle, I am really looking forward to trying new ideas, I have made another cosmetic bag since I got home!

This is giving me new confidence & I hope to start volunteering at the craft sessions in the future to help others enjoy crafts as much as I do….

Part 2:
So, I have spent the last year supporting Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP), working alongside the staff and volunteers to support families who have experienced Domestic Abuse.

Part of the work was to support the Wellbeing project, encouraging ladies to socialise and enjoy spending time in safe spaces – participating in all types of activities, including the crafts that I love.

I loved the Easter Craft event, making our own style of “bonnets” – strong and independent – plus a group member loves Unicorns, so I knitted this for her.

We made this bunting as a group, each individual contributing a flag, but I chose the fabric with a clear message in mind:


• Denim to represent that women are hardworking and resilient
• Union Jacks to represent that we ae lucky to be free British women
• Unicorns to represent our dreams
• Flowers to represent beauty that is around us.


Another important aspect has been to raise awareness in the wider community about Domestic Abuse, how people can be more aware and offer support to small groups like BWP. A key event in the year is White Ribbon in November, followed by 16 days of awareness raising – I have loved being part of the team making lots of ribbons and putting together this wonderful mannequin”