BWP Outreach Worker Hopes First Book Will Help Thousands

A Nottinghamshire charity worker who has helped hundreds of women recover from their experiences of Domestic Abuse hopes to reach thousands more, by sharing her wisdom in a new book which is now for sale on Amazon.

One in Four Women is the first book by Sandra Reddish, who gained her in-depth knowledge of men’s abuse of women over 34 years, most recently as an Outreach Worker here at Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP).

Kindly, Sandra has decided to donate all proceeds from the first year of sales directly to BWP.

In the self-published book, Sandra shares her incredible knowledge of the vital steps to recovery for women who have been abused. Starting with their gaining a solid understanding of the complexity of abuse they’ve faced, and perpetrator’s behaviour.

Sandra said: “Because Domestic Abuse is intended to confuse, understanding patterns of abuse can be hugely validating and liberating for survivors. I have personally seen the relief women felt and the progress they made when they properly understood what had happened to them, which is why I wrote this book.”

With chapters on coercive control, physical abuse, isolation, sexual abuse in intimate relationships, and self-blame, the book builds on Sandra’s popular blogs which have reached international audiences.

In the powerful introduction, Sandra acknowledges Domestic Abuse does not discriminate, and spans all ages, sexes, culture and social classes. It also takes many forms: men’s abuse of women, women’s abuse of men, abuse in same sex relationships, abuse of parents by their adult children, abuse by carers and honour-based abuse.

“The knowledge and advice I wanted to share with readers of One in Four Women comes from my specific experience of men’s abuse of women where there is or has been an intimate relationship,” added Sandra. “I wrote it for women, or professionals helping women to recover from Domestic Abuse and go on to live happy and empowered lives, free from abuse,”

BWP’s CEO, Colette Byrne, said: “We are unbelievably proud of Sandra who has put her passion for raising awareness of Domestic Abuse and her writing talent together to create this incredible book. It will help people to understand their experiences, and the tactics of abusers.

“With knowledge, comes power. I’m confident that this book, with its powerful and enlightening messages and insight, will empower women worldwide to take the action that they need to lead safe, independent lives without abuse.

“We are also really excited that BWP will be using Sandra’s book and course to deliver ‘The Survivor’s Programme’, our new recovery programme.”

“We would also like to thank her for very much for kindly donating all proceeds of sales for the first year. She knows better than anyone how essential donations are for us, and that we will maximise every penny.”

Throughout the pages are powerful images created by Sandra’s daughters, who also wanted to contribute to the book.

To buy the book, please visit or One in Four Women: understanding men’s domestic abuse of women: Reddish, Sandra: 9781739647902: Books or search One in Four Women, by Sandra Reddish on Amazon.

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