Grant will help Beeston businesses tackle domestic abuse

Employers across Beeston and Chilwell can access help to support workers affected by domestic abuse thanks to a grant awarded to BWP from The Rotary Club of Beeston this week.

With the grant of £1,000, BWP, which works across the borough and beyond to support people affected by domestic abuse, will help local businesses focus on what they can do to address the problem.

Chris Harris, BWP Partnerships Officer, said: “Usually, the workplace is one of the few places a person experiencing abuse in the home can be away from their abuser, but the Covid-19 pandemic has changed all that.

“With this funding we look forward to raising awareness of the impact of Domestic Abuse within the business community in Beeston and Chilwell. Through appropriate training and advice on policy and procedures, we’ll help businesses become better equipped to support staff affected by Domestic Abuse, particularly while they’re working from home. Through talks, training and toolkits, workers will also get to know far more about how to access help and support.”

President John Flynn of the Rotary Club of Beeston, said: “In the workplace, domestic abuse can harm the quality of an employee’s work, cause them to be late, off sick or absent from work, or even leading them to leave the organisation.

“After the difficulties of the past year, it’s even more important that employers take a lead in responding to the issue of domestic abuse to reduce the harm inflicted on their employees. We’re happy to be able to support BWP in this vital work, as we know it has the potential to make a significant difference.”

If you’d like your businesses to be part of the project contact: at BWP or

Beeston town centre
Beeston town centre