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It’s not your fault. Self-blame and domestic abuse.

May 5, 2021

He monitors your phone, withholds money, terrorises you, isolates you, calls you a mental slag. You will know this behaviour is abusive and wrong, but on some level, you may feel it’s partly your fault that he behaves...
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Trauma bonding – why you can’t stop loving the narcissist

April 20, 2021

Trauma bonding makes you psychologically addicted to your abuser. This explains why trying to stop contact feels like you are coming off a drug. Survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse will often form trauma bonds ...
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What is a bystander and how can you help someone suffering abuse?

December 4, 2020

One of our Outreach Officer, Sandra, goes through what coercive control is and how you can spot it - whether it may be happening to you or someone you know. It could be friend, family member or even a colleague. Domes...
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Creating a safety plan

April 19, 2020

In an abusive relationship during corona lockdown - we need a plan!   Domestic abuse is terrifying, even more so when there are few options to escape the family home due to the social isolation that’s been i...
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Drains and Radiators

March 31, 2020

They might be remote, maybe only contactable by phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime, but now more than any other time it might help us to reach out to our friends. True friends will help us get through this crisis and better ...
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Social Isolation

May 1, 2019

Human contact including love, friendships, intimacy, family and a feeling of belonging are vital human needs. Psychologist Abraham Maslow talked about a hierarchy of human needs and suggested the need for social contact...
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Stop telling her to leave!

March 13, 2019

Why doesn’t she just leave? If only it were that simple! People who suggest this to survivors of domestic abuse don’t understand the dynamics of abusive relationships. It’s a sad fact that survivors of abuse are c...
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How special do you make yourself feel?

December 4, 2018

Are you struggling to get over your past? Have you moved on from an abusive relationship but can’t shake off low moods? So many survivors of domestic abuse are left with low moods and depression. They’ve often lost ...
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‘Choose Respect’

November 15, 2018

Anti-Bullying Week 2018 takes place from the 12th-16th November. Broxtowe Women’s Project are proud to support and promote Anti-Bullying week. The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2018 is ‘Choose Respect’. The aim ...
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How safe is your home?

October 23, 2018

October is Home Security Awareness Month.  For most people it is always handy to have extra safety advice, but for survivors of domestic abuse it can be even more valuable. Home is meant to be a safe place, a place w...
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