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Afternoon Tea for BWP

April 9, 2019

Broxtowe Women's Project are excited to launch their new fundraising pack 'Afternoon Tea for BWP' this will hopefully get people together sharing the experience of afternoon tea and raising vital funding for women and c...
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Not so…… Happy Mother’s Day

March 30, 2019

Mother’s Day is a celebration when mothers are particularly honoured by their children. It’s also a celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. In an ideal world, children an...
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Is love in the Hair?

March 26, 2019

  “Don’t f****** come back looking like a slag” he yelled. I hurried out before he changed his mind. It was one of the few times he let me out of his sight. He only let me go because he said I was an ugly m...
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Stop telling her to leave

March 13, 2019

Why doesn’t she just leave? If only it were that simple! People who suggest this to survivors of domestic abuse don’t understand the dynamics of abusive relationships. It’s a sad fact that survivors of abuse are c...
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How Many Red Roses is too Many?

February 13, 2019

For women who have lived through domestic abuse, Valentine’s Day can trigger difficult emotions. Survivors of abuse may feel more than just alone, the day can breed feelings of resentment, anger and sadness. Confus...
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Chinese New Year

February 5, 2019

Chinese New Year   The 5th February is the official start of Chinese New Year it will often be referred to as the spring festival which marks the end of the coldest days. With last week’s cold spell and thre...
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Children’s Mental Health – Try TLC

February 4, 2019

Have a go at a little TLC   Let’s begin to have conversations with your child about their mental health.   It can feel unnatural and forced to start with. It can be scary and so you may feel tempt...
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We are recruiting………………….

January 9, 2019

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker to join our team. The role is an ideal opportunity for people wishing to provide a high quality personal welfare support service to survivors of do...
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New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2018

Her list Leave before he kills me Plan my escape Save some money Do everything to keep him calm Get another phone, I think he’s bugging me Find somewhere to go where he’ll never find me Ring Broxtowe Women’s...
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All I want for Christmas is…………..

December 19, 2018

Christmas Cheer or Christmas fear For women living with domestic violence, Christmas offers no respite and can be a time of intensified coercion, punishment and violence. The toxic mix of financial pressure, families ...
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    ECONOMIC ABUSE AWARENESS In this article, PayPlan’s CEO, Rachel Duffey explores the challenges of recognising clients who are experiencing economic abuse and what this means for debt advisers. It is estimated that around two million adults experience domestic abuse every year. More shockingly, two women are killed each week by a current or former partner … Continue reading Economic Abuse Awareness

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