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Self-care in lockdown

April 8, 2020

Self-care has never been more important   Suffering lockdown, worrying about finances, home schooling, concerns about health, isolation from support networks, spending even more time holed up with an abusive partner...
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Financial Abuse a survivors story

April 2, 2020

Financial Abuse – survivors’ story   During Christmas 2017, my world came crashing down around my ears. Shortly before this happened, friends and family would have believed I had the ideal life. I had a gr...
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Drains and Radiators

March 31, 2020

Drains and Radiators   They might be remote, maybe only contactable by phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime, but now more than any other time it might help us to reach out to our friends. True friends will help us get th...
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I will survive! Survivors Story

March 26, 2020

Broxtowe Women's Project survivor story, Surviving Domestic Abuse!, Surviving Corona, Surviving Lockdown In Nottingham   “I’ve made good links with others, especially Samantha who I met through BWP events. W...
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We’ve got you………………………………. Survivors Story

March 25, 2020

Surviving Corona Thank goodness I’m no longer living with my ex now I’m holed up at home self-isolating. I feel so relieved as I can’t contemplate how bad this would be if we were still together. I really feel f...
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How will you cope?

How will you choose to cope with the coronavirus crisis?   The coronavirus crisis is depressing and worrying for many people. No one remains unaffected by it. We are faced with challenging new circumstances with...
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Isolation of families for Coronavirus raises concerns about domestic abuse

March 24, 2020

How we can help stay safe through the Corona lockdown Lockdown at home for our safety from coronavirus will mean being locked down with the abuser for many women suffering domestic abuse. Not only does it seem obvious t...
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March 19, 2020

Broxtowe Women’s Project – Coronavirus/Covid-19 Position Statement The following was published on the 19th March – and will be updated if our position changes At BWP we’re are committed to helping women living ...
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We are recruiting………………………..

February 17, 2020

Who should volunteer as a trustee at Broxtowe Women’s Project?   Are you interested in becoming a trustee at Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP), but wonder if you’re the right person for the job? In this blo...
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Domestic Abuse and Mental Health

January 20, 2020

Today is blue Monday, it’s claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. This is believed caused by a number of factors; the party season is over, we’re all spent up, the weather is foul, it’s ages until the n...
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    Survivor Story Final Part

    In the final (for now) part of Debbie’s story, the child care issues are sorted, but new trials to get some of the money from her house that her partner sold begin …   I was given full custody; however supervised visits were agreed on a weekly basis for two hours from 1pm to 3pm … Continue reading Survivor Story Final Part

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