Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year


The 5th February is the official start of Chinese New Year it will often be referred to as the spring festival which marks the end of the coldest days. With last week’s cold spell and threat of snow it would be nice to think that spring is just around the corner. As part of the festival people welcome spring and what it brings along, planting and harvests, new beginnings and fresh starts.  More than a billion people across the world celebrate the festival and this year welcome the year of the pig. The pig is the 12th Chinese zodiac animal and is believed to be a sign of optimism, enthusiasm and wealth.


China like most countries has an enormous problem with domestic violence. It is believed that 25% of married Chinese women have suffered domestic violence. According to the All China’s Federation 90% of the reported domestic violence cases were perpetrated by the women’s husbands. It is believed that 60% of the 15.7 million women that commit suicide each year are linked to domestic violence.


In March 2016 China’s first Anti-Domestic Violence Law was passed, that highlighted the role employers should play to support the law and act against domestic abuse. By taking measures such as providing support to those affected and taking internal action against those thought to be perpetrators are examples of employers take responsibility. On the day that marks the start of Chinese New Year’s and looking at how employers in China support those affected by domestic abuse and whether businesses in the UK can offer the same. Any business that thinks it is not affected, should look at the figures:


  • 75% of people who endure domestic abuse are targeted at work
  • 58% of abused women miss at least three days of work a month
  • The cost of domestic abuse to businesses is estimated at £1.9 billion a year due to decrease productivity and sickness
  • Only 5% of organisations have a specific policy or guidelines in place to deal with the issue

Domestic abuse has an enormous impact on the physical and mental health of a person. Depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and self-harming are just some of the terrible effects it is known to cause and will obviously lead to one’s ability to perform to their full ability at work.


Broxtowe Women’s Project can help businesses in several ways:


  • Provide you with awareness sessions or other training packages to ensure your workforce are better equipped to respond to incidents of domestic abuse
  • We can provide you with relevant resources to help those affected by domestic abuse get support
  • We can provide support and advise you to develop your domestic abuse policy
  • We can contact us for confidential support, information or signposting


We can work together to get the best possible outcome for women and your business. Our services are completely confidential.


To find out more please contact or by calling 01773 718555 check out our business page for more information