Age UK releases its research into Domestic Abuse

Broxtowe Women’s Project have read recent research into the prevalence of Domestic Abuse in older people with real interest this January. 

The report, released by Age UK on 22 December 2022, contains brand new insights into the experiences of older people, and sets out in detail what BWP has understood for a long time, that Domestic Abuse affects people of every age in our society.

Here is an excerpt from the Age UK report.

“This data shows that 1 in 30 people aged 60 to 74 and approximately 1 in 50 people aged 75+ have been subjected to domestic abuse in the past year. That means more than 400,000 older people have been victims of domestic abuse in the past year in England and Wales alone…

“Like younger people, older people may be subjected to domestic abuse that is physical, sexual, emotional, or economic. Perpetrators will use a range of behaviours to exert power and control. But there are also some important age-related differences that specifically affect victim-survivors as they age.

“For example, older people are just as likely to be abused by an adult child or grandchild as they are a spouse or partner – this also means that men become at increased risk of being subjected to domestic abuse as they age. Many older people subjected to abuse have a health condition or disability, which may mean they rely on their abuser for care and support.”

Age UK suggest that: “The stereotype of a typical victim-survivor as a younger woman means that opportunities to identify and respond to older people experiencing domestic abuse are often missed. We need to raise awareness among health and social care professionals working with older people and ensure that they feel confident in spotting the signs of domestic abuse in those they work with.”

At BWP we have experience supporting women affected by Domestic Abuse of any age, helping them to live independent lives, free from Domestic Abuse. For more on our services, please click here.

For the full report from Age UK please click here: New data on domestic abuse in older people | Discover | Age UK