#DontJudgeMe in partnership with the National Justice Museum

As part of the run up to IWD, BWP are running a joint project, “Don’t Judge Me” with the National Justice Museum, based at at Nottingham’s historic Shire Hall and County Gaol. The project’s aim is to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse & Violence and address the stigmas surrounding it, and to provide a platform for survivors to express themselves in the run up to IWD.

BWP & the NJM will host an exhibition later in 2021 to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse & Violence and address the stigmas surrounding it. We all can play our own role in supporting those affected by domestic abuse, ultimately with the end goal to end abuse.

This exhibition had been due to open February 2021 up to IWD, but has been delayed due to the National Lockdown.

Find out more about how this project came about from BWP Trustee Sarah Hartshorne and what can be gained in working in this unique way for a domestic abuse charity.

The NJM inspire people of all ages to become active citizens. They do this through fun and engaging activities, exhibitions and educational programmes relating to law and justice.

As part of the #DontJudgeMe project, the NJM and BWP have distributed a “Workshop in an Envelope” to hundreds of families – including instructions and craft items to make your own Worry Doll.

Find out more the NJM projects to support the community via their Twitter account – #MakeItYours.

One example of their continued support for the community during the Pandemic, is the Letters of Constraint project written during the first lockdown by the people of Nottingham.

NJM have continued to host online exhibitions over the last year. This was one such project: Washing, Dancing, Singing: Women Living and Working in Prison – including poignant photographs, on display for the first time, taken in several UK prisons from 140 years ago to the 1980s.

Over the next week, we will be adding more to our Virtual Exhibition. Please check back and follow us on social media to learn more about the project.

“Never underestimate the power of abuse”

This artwork was created by one of the BWP women. We cannot wait to show this piece to you in real life. It is extremely impactful.

It was created as part of the BWP project with the National Justice Museum to raise awareness of domestic abuse and the effect it has on those affected
and it will go on show in the museum when we host the exhibition there later in the year.

In the meantime, take a look at her house and all the messages that it contains. The creator has also included some hand written notes to explain the background to it.

Her name is Helen.

And her message is – “Never underestimate the power of abuse”.