Financial Advice

BWP works with partners including PayPlan and StepChange to provide Financial Advice to people experiencing Domestic Abuse.

All relationships can sit on a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy. But, some relationships cross the line and become an abusive relationship. We work closely with experts PayPlan to make sure they properly understand and can support you with debt, relationships and domestic abuse.

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Domestic abuse can happen as a result of money problems within a relationship. A lack of money or a debt can cause conflicts and this can result in one person controlling the other – physically or verbally. BWP work with PayPlan to offer support on finance to those who need it.

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Good financial wellbeing means managing your money effectively and understanding the impact your finances can have on every aspect of your life, both good and bad. PayPlan provide information on Financial Education and Financial Wellbeing to improve your relationship with money and take control of your financial future.

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In the current uncertain economic climate, awareness of free and impartial debt advice matters more than ever.

Whether you need free advice about debt problem, want some support with tackling a persistent debt, or are worried about the impact of coronavirus on your finances; free help is available.

Contact us if you would like advice and we can direct to the right expert to support you.

What financial support is available to you if you need to flee your home due to Domestic Abuse?

The Survivor’s Welfare Advice Project (SWAP) have created a new fact sheet  that lays out what welfare assistance is available to people after fleeing domestic abuse.

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Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) have produced a new leaflet that is specifically aimed at charities to outline how customers should be able to access support.

It includes some useful information about how people can open accounts if they don’t have a passport/driving license and importantly, what needs to be included in a letter of introduction where a charity is providing this to help someone with opening a bank account.

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Related to financial matters is tech abuse. Refuge have developed a new website, created with survivors, offers step by step guidance for securing devices. Information and support on tech abuse | Refuge Tech Safety

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We are delighted to work closely with PayPlan, who offer free, simple debt advice to our clients.

PayPlan’s mission is to help people become debt-free through clear, honest advice and debt solutions that work.

Their dedicated vulnerable client team has grown over recent years to ensure that our particularly vulnerable clients receive appropriate support. PayPlan is now a recognised leader in its offering for vulnerable clients. This is demonstrated by PayPlan’s internal and external training programmes, which BWP helped them develop.

BWP have also been pleased to work alongside PayPlan in the development of our Financial Wellbeing materials, and alongside this we have developed a training package looking at Domestic Abuse and Economic Abuse.

StepChange Debt Charity is the UK’s leading debt advice charity, helping over 630,000 every year to take back control of their finances, and their lives.

The support they offer is free, impartial and confidential and every client receives expert personalised advice to help them deal with their debts.

Visit their website for online advice at, or call them on 0800 138 1111 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-4pm.