Hair & Beauty professionals leave better equipped to support client health

Hair & Beauty professionals from across Beeston and Nottingham are now better equipped to support their clients on personal matters including skin cancer and Domestic Abuse after attending a recent event.

More than 30 professionals went to the awareness event on 29 March at Beeston’s Youth and Community Centre to learn about the signs of skin cancer and Domestic Abuse they could look out for in their clients. The event was covered by Notts TV. You can watch the segment here. 

Natalie from Jova Skin said: “I’ve got a great relationship with my clients and I like to think my little clinic is a safe space that they could approach any concern with me. I’m now armed even further with the resources to refer my clients to the places that will make a huge difference.”

Meg from Just Peachy Waxing said: “A massive thank you to all the wonderful charities and organisations that bought us the Domestic Abuse and skin cancer awareness event. It’s so refreshing to see the industry get together, learning new skills and educating ourselves further.”

Chris Harris, Partnership Manager for local Domestic Abuse charity Broxtowe Women’s Project who spoke at the event, said: “Those who work in Hair & Beauty know only too well that they are often trusted with confidences, or that they are close enough to clients physically and emotionally to notice changes.  This event equipped them with some useful knowledge, and also was the start of their awareness journey.”

The event was organised by South Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership, Nottingham West Primary Care Network, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Broxtowe Borough Council.

Skin Cancer awareness and prevention was provided by Skcin – a specialist skin cancer charity that work closely with at risk and influential audiences including primary schools and nurseries.

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