How safe is your home?

October is Home Security Awareness Month.  For most people it is always handy to have extra safety advice, but for survivors of domestic abuse it can be even more valuable.

Home is meant to be a safe place, a place where families are raised, and bodies relax. But what if that was compromised? For people still in an abusive relationship it can be a place they dread to go to and where they feel most unsafe.

For people who have separated from their abuser but who are still living in the property they had shared, they might experience stalking or harassment at home.  The abuser might even still have a key or threaten arson and violence.

At BWP we recommend taking all measures possible to ensure safety at home. Here are some suggestions of things you can do and at the end of the piece we have included links to suppliers of equipment that might be useful. High street stores such as Wilko’s and DIY outlets like B&Q stock many of them too.

If possible:

– get locks changed if needed (free for Council tenants)

– make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

– fit window alarms

– fit a home security camera (cheaper than you might think, see link below)

– fit a fire-proof letter box

– shred paperwork and documents rather than putting them in a bin

– have a door chain

– turn off location services on your phones to avoid letting people know where you are.

Additionally, check out the National Home Security Month website for further ways to improve the safety of your home.

Overall, we encourage you to assess the safety of your home, whether domestic abuse is an issue or not. Homes with no alarms or security measures are five times more likely to be targets for burglars! Make your home your safe place.

 We are currently running some practical workshops to pass on tips and show women how to fit appropriate security measures. To find out more contact the general office on or by calling 01773 718555.

Here’s a list of stockists:

Window alarms

Anti-arson letterboxes

Home Security Camera

Door Chains