Making Christmas worth celebrating

So many of our service users have been overwhelmed with the generosity of BWP supporters past and present. This heart-warming story was written by one of them and includes a picture drawn by her little boy, as a thank you for the kindness they received.

The magic of Christmas

Christmas is where the magic comes alive for every child, waiting for Santa, putting up the stocking “boom”.

Back to reality, my heart was sinking, the day was getting nearer. I was struggling, fleeing Domestic Abuse and still trying to keep the smile on my face. Reassuring my small child that Santa would find him.

Inside I am screaming for help – what would I say if Santa left him out? How would he feel? That magic would be gone forever.

2 weeks until Christmas – I receive a call Social Services on my case again, my son has to do some counselling sessions through play. First session Christmas week, I sit nervously waiting outside for my son to come out. A lady sees me stressing, I spoke to her, told her my worries and went home.

Christmas Eve I received a call, it was my son’s Therapy lady – “Are you home?” next came a knock at my door.

My emotions took over, tears streamed down my face, it was like the Wise Men had arrived – 3 boxes full of toys.

Well the magic of Christmas was real, we put up a stocking, made biscuits for Santa and left him a note telling him where we lived.

Christmas Day – “Mum, Mum has Santa found us?”

“You look”

My sons face dropped in amazement, “Santa found us”.

One day of the year there is magic, for a child to believe Santa has dropped off a present is magical to them – and me.

I still believe in the magic of Christmas and always will…

Christmas drawing
Drawing by the little boy whose Christmas was made magical thanks to an act of kindness.