I will survive! Survivor’s Story

Broxtowe Women’s Project survivor story, Surviving Domestic Abuse!, Surviving Corona, Surviving Lockdown In Nottingham


“I’ve made good links with others, especially Samantha who I met through BWP events. We spend lots of time chatting and texting, you have to reach out to people at the moment don’t you?


You guys (BWP) have been really helpful. I’ve learnt all about ‘me time’ and ‘self-investment’ through your well-being courses and I’m seriously putting it into practice.


I’ve been ordering online cause avoiding contact with people and, bought a few things for myself too.


I’m at my allotment at the moment and it’s amazing, got all the kids here, built a tent and Thomas is asleep in it. It’s totally isolated here, just me and the kids. I need fresh air for my mental health, it makes you feel much better doesn’t it?


And it’s great that you’re still giving me counselling because like, I don’t know, I can do that over the phone and it’s just fantastic.


It can get all a bit manic at home, we spend the morning doing school stuff and, in the afternoon, we play. It’s hard for Thomas (he has special needs). The school has made no provision for him, they’ve given work that he just can’t do so I’m going to have to chase that up, annoying.


I feel like I’ve been taking on the world every day. I did too much yesterday and then needed to sleep 7 till 7. I need to pace myself. Things are different, lots of emails to sort, lots of rearranging to do. Lots of things being cancelled.


It also feels like a very long holiday, an extended holiday, a proper big break from the world and that’s good.


This time of year, when I see the daffodils come out and the sun starts to shine it reminds me of finishing the Freedom Programme last year. I remember sitting in that garden with everyone and feeling so happy. It’s Spring, like a new beginning, freedom, it was lovely”.


Broxtowe Women’s Project are still supporting those affected by Domestic Abuse in Nottinghamshire. If you are experiencing Domestic Abuse or have been affected by Domestic Abuse previously we are here to support you. You can contact us on enquiries@broxtowewp.org or call the mobile supportline 07914634190