Make your own Worry Doll

According to Guatemalan tradition, when children are scared or have nightmares, the Mayan people give them worry dolls before they go to sleep.

We are all human, and we worry!

If you tell them your concerns and put them under the pillow, the doll will worry about the problem instead of you. When you wake up after a peaceful sleep, your
worries are gone.

These colourful figures are handmade using simple and accessible materials such as wood, wire, cotton, cardboard or clay. They wear vibrant wool or Guatemalan cloth.

Above all, they promote a very healthy psychological habit: by transferring your worries and asking for help, you release your mind from anxiety.

This guide was developed as one of the “Make it Yours” workshops by the @nationaljusticemuseum and is being delivered to all our families. If you haven’t got a pack, just grab a peg and some wool and make your own. Enjoy! #makeityours

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To donwload the original guide from the National Justice Musuem, click here: Worry doll postcardWorry doll instruction card.