Making a Difference Together: A Message from Our Staff & Volunteers

Hello Friends,

At Broxtowe Women’s Project, we are more than just a small charity; we are a family united by a common goal: ensure those affected by domestic abuse are empowered to be safe and in control of their own lives.’

Our team, comprising dedicated staff and passionate volunteers, works tirelessly every day to provide guidance and training, identify abilities and strengths, build on transferrable skills and support women towards positive progressions.  We challenge the stigma associated with domestic abuse, advocate for women and their families, raise awareness to prevent abuse and campaign for an end to domestic abuse and violence and navigating women towards lives free from abuse.

Today, we want to share some stories from our team and invite you to join us in our mission.

Stories from the Heart – from volunteers, staff and fundraisers
I often forget that BWP is considered to be a small charity, as our passion and drive to improve the lives of women and children, and to prevent and end domestic abuse seems infinite. However, when the pressures of sourcing funding and delivering critical services with limited resources and staff, whilst juggling about 150 things at any one time, I’m swiftly reminded of that. These challenges are worth it to us to embed meaningful change. Partners are often surprised that there are so few of us in the organisation when our reach is so wide, and our impact so large, but our size and structure means that we have the freedom to pivot and adapt quickly to changing needs or opportunities.



Our small team works tirelessly for women and children. I love being part of a small charity, we all know each other and we care for each other as a family. We each have our roles, but are willing to help in other areas to make a difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse.

As a children’s worker I spend around 8 weeks supporting a child one-to-one. We focus on understanding the abuse they have experienced and help them to know what makes a healthy relationship. In a world where domestic abuse is everywhere it is hard to not feel discouraged at the huge amount of work that needs to be done. However, working at BWP gives me hope that change is already happening! We may not be able to change the world but we can help to change the world of each individual woman and child that we support.

BWP Children and Young People’s Outreach Worker


I really feel proud and enthused to work for BWP. I enjoy working for this organisation because we are a very tight knit team who look out for each other, have the same drive and passion to meet as many women, children and young people where they are at in relation to their experiences of domestic abuse.

The positives of working for a small charity mean that you get to know your work colleagues very fast, we all communicate well together and truly look out for one another. There are no cliques, the team dynamics are healthy and united.

I believe the impact of our work truly makes a difference to a huge number of women, children and young people’s lives. Simply by listening, empowering and being kind to people facing such incredibly tough situations is powerful and life changing. That is where the caring support starts, building trust and a healthy space for women to offload can help them travel far on their journey to recovery. Whilst this journey is extremely challenging and is not a linear one; I think women linked in with our service can begin to feel a little bit less alone and more confident to make positive choices and change in their lives.

BWP Women’s Outreach Worker


How You Can Help

Donate: Your donations directly fund our wraparound family service, wellbeing programs and services. Every pound makes a significant impact. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a monthly contribution, your support helps us continue our vital work.

Fundraise: Want to take your support a step further? Consider organising a fundraiser. It could be anything from a bake sale to a marathon, or even a virtual event. Rally your friends, family, and community to support our cause, or click here for our upcoming events

Volunteer: There are lots of ways to get involved, from fundraising, sharing your skills, becoming a Trustee or sparing your time to help deliver support.

As well as making a huge difference to the community, volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience. Join our dedicated team of volunteers who give their time and skills to help us make a difference to women and families affected by domestic abuse. Click here for more information

Spread the Word: Follow us on social media and share our mission with your network. Awareness is a powerful tool, and by spreading the word, you help us reach more people in need.

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