Online GP Services

From April, widespread use of GP online services will be implemented. Read more: NHS England » GP online services

GP online services are designed to enable easier access to certain services for patients, such as:

  • booking and cancelling of appointments
  • ordering of repeat prescriptions
  • viewing your GP record (which includes coded information about allergies, immunisations, diagnoses, medication and test results)
  • access to the above for your dependents (children).

However, there are implications for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence who may have disclosed these events to their GP, for example concerns could include:

  • An abuser may gain access to a person’s record enabling them to further control or escalate harm
  • This could be done by coercion or the abuser may get the log in details from their victim to view the records
  • These changes could result in survivors being less willing to disclose abuse to their GP, for fear of their abuser accessing the information

There are things your practice can do to help – for example, they can refusing online access, reduce access to all services, or restrict access to allow safe access.

If you have concerns about the above please call our support line on 01773 719111 or email and we will help you to find a way of managing this change so your details remain safe.