Parenting in a Pandemic

As lockdown continues, one thing that has affected a lot of parents is home schooling.  The home is not the learning environment that most children are use to and parents are now playing the role of a teacher as well, having to juggle their time to meet the needs of children of different ages and abilities.

Tamson from the Wellbeing Warriors group gives an honest and realistic approach to Parenting in a Pandemic looking at the things that are actually important and not putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves and her thoughts for reconnecting during half term.

Parenting in a pandemic….

So, let’s be real – parenting is hard work whether you have one child or three! Never mind in a global pandemic & National Lockdown!

Days that feel like they all just mush into one, the endless pile of laundry, dishes that constantly seem to be in the sink and kids around your feel constantly. Lack of sleep and the overwhelming pressure of homeschooling. It isn’t easy!

Something I’ve had to learn since becoming a single parent is that there will be good days and bad days, but this doesn’t mean I’m any less of an amazing mum!

Whether you’ve not got round to completing the school work or housework I want to remind you that its okay!

Don’t be hard on yourself.

I have days where I haven’t even got the energy to put the washer on, I close the kids bedroom door so I don’t stress about the mess. We are living through a global pandemic and right now the main things is to keep safe and have happy, loved children!

It’s vital as parents to make sure we take time out for ourselves. In my house bedtime routines are essential because when they are asleep it’s my time to relax. Run a nice hot bubble bath, grab a cuppa tea and relax, unwind and release the stress of the day.

I also find that doing fun activities throughout the week keep us all going!

Den building, painting, collecting leaves and twigs on nature walks and getting creative with them. Muddy walks to jump in puddles, lots of baking and movie time.

Even when we are expected to homeschooling we also need to have a balance between work and play. Remember, these little children aren’t used to having their home environment being their school learning environment too. Just like us they get stressed, they feel irritated and fed up, this doesn’t mean your not doing a good job because I promise you are!

As parents we are so quick to put ourselves down, but as long as your child is happy, healthy and loved then your doing the best job ever!

Take a break mama, breath, grab a cuppa and remind yourself that your doing an incredible job!

Ideas for Reconnecting as a Family

Lockdown, and homeschooling, has got us all feeling stressed, drained & fed up. Agree?

If you feel anything like I do then you probably feel overwhelmed as a parent & just want to enjoy time with your kids without the pressure we have all been under.

So I had an idea that I plan on doing with my children during February half term, that I would like to share with you and hopefully help you find time to reconnect as a family without the pressure of homeschooling.

Gift Of Time

I want to stress that this can be tailored to your families interests & needs. It also does not have to cost money, if it does it can be very cheap.

With my children I am going to sit down and write 5 activities we can do as a family.

So for my household we have:
– Pizza making. (Ingredients are cheap and it’s easy)
– Movie night with duvets downstairs. Few treats to go with the film.
– Nature walk. I feel like this is great for us all to reconnect with nature.
– Messy play. Get arty with paints, colours, glue. Children benefit from using their imagination.
– Games night – as in board games. If you don’t have any you could always make one.

{These are just some examples, and of course can be altered to your families interest and ages.}

I will then put each activity in an envelope. At the start of half term they will get to choose the envelope for that day.

Golden rule in my house will be no devices, phones off, tvs off. Just some music playing.

The aim to purely to reconnect as a family. Have fun!

Half term may seem a bit different this year but as Tamson suggests there are lots of things that you can do that don’t cost the earth.

Maybe try the NHS Change 4 Life have indoor activities for kids or get reading with the Book Trust.

What about some activities from Wildlife Watch.

BBC has some simples ideas if you are looking for a mindful approach that you and you family can use to feel calm and connected even on the most overwhelming of days.

Or how about some reassurance from Giovanna Fletchers Happy Mum Happy Baby website (not just focusing on babies but parenting) with information, podcasts and blogs.

We hope you find these useful. Take care out there.