Plumbing partnership will provide ‘peace of mind’

For survivors of Domestic Abuse, allowing a male tradesperson to enter the home can elicit extreme fear and anxiety.

Broxtowe based Domestic Abuse charity BWP were recently approached by Lee Shapcott, Director of Leeva Plumbing & Heating based in Ripley, who offered their female-only service to its vulnerable women.

Lee said: “When one of our members of the team shared their experience of Domestic Abuse with me, I realised that we could help women who were not happy having male tradespeople in their home, whether it was them or their children who felt vulnerable.

“We’d recently employed a female plumber and realised that we could talk to charities, like BWP, and let them know of us, so they can put us in touch with the women they support.”

BWP Outreach Manager, Hannah, said: “It was great to hear from Leeva out of the blue, and to hear about their experience, and service.  When a woman begins living independently after leaving an abusive relationship, there are many aspects of daily life that will cause anxiety. We support women as much as we can as they go through this, helping them face hurdles that many of us would never think of.

“Being able to put them in touch with a female plumbing and heating service if we know that will be beneficial to them gives us real peace of mind. It’s great that Leeva are extending their service into Nottingham especially for our women.”

Lauran_Lee from Leeva
Lee and Lauren from Leeva Plumbing & Heating