Ahead of White Ribbon Day 2023, we held ‘Writing into Recovery’ poetry workshops as part of our Wellbeing Service with women. The classes focused on writing poetry as a path towards ownership, discovery and transformation led by poet Penny Hughes, using this year’s White Ribbon Day theme, #ChangeTheStory. The poems featured in a trail around Stapleford to mark White Ribbon Day.

This poem was written by participant, Kirsty.


I thought I had lost my way to release
while blanketed within my past
My instruments became null and void
except during mediocre tasks
My self-expression became revitalised
when I picked up my paper and pen
Before, it was shop lists and signatures
now I write what’s going off in my head
My coping mechanisms reiterated
instead of causing nightmares in bed
There’s something so careless and freeing
from pouring my thoughts out in ink
That gives me a fresh perspective to work out the jumble, in a blink
clearing my headspace of questions
and ordering the chaos inside
One less thing, now off my to do list
So I can carry on living my life.

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