Publication is proof of Domestic Abuse survivors’ freedom to create

A magazine packed with poetry, art and imagery is the powerful result of a collaboration between the National Justice Museum, local artist Boseda Olawoye, and women supported by BWP earlier this year.

The women, who are all survivors of Domestic Abuse and have been supported by BWP, met at the National Justice Museum to see the printed publication of their work for the first time.

Creative Community Engagement Manager, Bo, explained: “Throughout the summer we met at creative workshops inspired by an exhibition at the National Justice Museum , called ‘Power, Freedom to Create’. This featured artwork created by people in prison, detention centres or in confinement, and together we reflected on how people use creativity to get through difficult periods.

“Using prompt and emotion cards, the women, who are all survivors of Domestic Abuse, asked themselves how the artworks made them feel. We then created our own pieces of art, sticking to a limited stock of creative materials such as newspaper, soap, paper and pens to generate our own artwork, reflecting the limits on people in confinement.”

Partnership Manager, Chris, from BWP said: “We are so proud of the finished zine, and the women who created it. They have all gone on a creative journey through this project and have discovered real talent in themselves and new ways to reflect on their experiences and express themselves. We must thank the National Justice Museum, and Bo for inviting us to join this project.”

Andrea Hadley-Johnson from the National Justice Museum said: “The Power: Freedom to Create exhibition inspired an incredible participatory programme around it, coproduced closely and kindly with many incredible people.

“Our open and exploratory approach is designed to bring people together, sharing ideas and perspectives, to create something extraordinary together. This project is a beautiful example of what that process can achieve. We are honoured to have worked with BWP, Heya and Bo Olawoye on this important and affecting project towards such a joyful outcome.”

Wellbeing Officer, Justine from BWP said: “‘This was so much more than the creative project it started out to be.  The sessions were full of conversation and different emotions which were then represented in the individual pieces created by the women.”

The zine will now be shared wider, which the group hopes will create a ripple effect that will inspire more people to create.

If you would like to see the zine, visit the free project lab at the museum or the museum website