Reclaim the night

Do you ever feel uneasy when you walk down the street by yourself? Do you ever worry that what you’re wearing may attract unwanted attention? Are you ever scared for your safety at night?

Many women would answer yes to many of these questions in Nottinghamshire, and across the UK.

That’s where ‘Reclaim the Night’ steps in, a street demonstration against sexual assault, rape, and male violence and harassment against women and girls.

On Saturday the 18th November, women protesters marched from the Forest Recreation Ground to the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham, singing, rejoicing and protesting all the way there, stating the simple message that any of the above is not okay.

The march was joined by our very own trustee Sarah Hartshorne, who along with friends took to the streets to celebrate female unity and to call out all forms of violence against women.

This was an empowering event, which provided a platform to discuss issues such as why do women still feel uneasy on our streets? The protest was met with overwhelming positivity by the people of Nottingham, with hundreds joining the march and cheering its progress. However, some men witnessing the march felt the need to challenge its validity and message, proving more strongly that ever that the work we undertake is still needed and vital.

Grass root protests supporting equality for women are a great way to highlight these issues, and to show support for survivors and others affected by domestic abuse.

We were proud to stand alongside other women and service providers at the rally. At BWP we will continue our work supporting individuals across Broxtowe and the surrounding areas, because together we can reclaim the night.

The march is supported by : Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services | Nottingham Women’s Centre | Nottingham Community Housing Association | Equation | Women’s Aid Integrated Services | POW Nottingham | Nottingham Central Women’s Aid