Safety Support For Women Joggers

Broxtowe Women’s Project has contacted running clubs in the area and will be handing out personal safety alarms at a Community Safety Drop-in following news of assaults on lone female joggers over the border in Derbyshire.

It was announced last week that Derbyshire Police were distributing alarms to running clubs in their area following an assault on a runner in Belper and a sexual assault near Cromford the week before.

With Broxtowe Women’s Project keen to empower all women and knowing that for some going for a run or jog can be part of this, we are taking action to help keep them safe when they do so.

We have personal attack alarms that we give to women at risk of suffering domestic violence and have decided to give some of these to running clubs in Broxtowe for their women members.

Arrangements have been made to drop alarms off at Beeston running club and we are contacting others in the area.

As a reminder to women who go out for a run on their own, there are a few simple actions you can take to help stay safe:

 ·         Run in well-lit, busy areas, avoiding isolated pathways and rural areas;

·         Think about going running with a friend or join a running club which means you will be with others;

·         Don’t wear earphones when jogging – be aware of what is going on around you;

·         Vary your route and the time you run;

·         Tell a family member or friend where you are going and how long you expect to be. Stick to the route you choose.

 Jogging and running have been medically proven to be good for your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health and we want to make sure women continue to enjoy them.

 We will be at Eastwood Library on Tuesday, April 11 between 10am and 11am as part of a Community Safety Drop-in and will take personal alarms with us.

Call in there to pick one up and for personal safety information, advice and support.

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