Support For Businesses

Support for Businesses

Why does your business need our service?


Our aim is to support any individual in the Business community who wants our help.


All employees can be affected by domestic abuse at any time. It can affect their work performance and frequently leads to time off work.


This has a direct impact on your business. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experiencing domestic abuse in their adult lives you will have employees’ that require support.


The cost of domestic abuse to businesses is estimated at £1.9 billion a year due to decreased productivity, time off work, lost wages, and sick pay.


Only 5% of businesses have a specific policy or guidelines in place.


What can we do for your business?


  • We can develop a bespoke support package based on the needs of your business


  • Provide you with awareness sessions so your business is better equipped to support those affected by domestic abuse


  • Provide you with resources for your employees to have access to relevant support agencies both locally and nationally


  • We can advise you on policy and procedure to support your employees


  • You can contact us for confidential support, information, or signposting

For more information please contact our Partnership Officer; Chris Harris to discuss your organisational needs.


Hello, let me introduce myself, Chris Harris, Partnership Officer for Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP).
On April 1st, 1 week into Covid-19 lockdown, I started working in this new 5-year National Lottery Funded Rebuilding Futures Project. This exciting opportunity aims to build sustainability to support families experiencing Domestic Abuse and increase awareness within communities. How appropriate the project name seems now as we move into the next phase of lockdown – we all need to Rebuild Futures.
Many of you will have met me in a “consultancy” role as Training & Awareness Officer with BWP over the past 2 years. That part of my work will largely fit in to this new role – with some minor adjustments behind the scenes.
So, what will the new role offer that is a benefit to you, your organisation, and your community?
Firstly, I want to establish closer working links with Partner organisations – normally I would have been out networking and promoting this new service! What I have been doing is a lot of preparation via our social media links to understand how our services can support each other in the “new normal” we all face following lockdown.
Secondly, I have been talking to the BWP team, including Trustees, Volunteers and most importantly our Service Users about what they want from this new service. We really feel that consultation at all levels is key – and moving forward I would like to involve you in that process, or I will happily attend steering groups to help inform you?
Thirdly, you will be aware of the increased “conversation” in the media about Domestic Abuse – well our aim is to keep that conversation going – you, your organisation and your community may need our support at this time, do not be afraid to ask, remember “#YouAreNotAlone”. Ensuring that your team understands what Domestic Abuse is in line with the Domestic Abuse Bill currently passing through Parliament is important and may impact on the services you offer? How are the new and emerging types of abuse affecting individuals – economic abuse, cyber abuse, stalking and more?
The Partnership role wants to support you to understand the “Business case” for adopting a Domestic Abuse process within your organisation – it does not matter how small or large you are, this is a process to show that you are a supportive employee. This process should sit as part of your Wellbeing strategy for all staff, volunteers, and customers.

So, what do our offers include:
Meeting you to discuss joint working opportunities

Preparing a package of support that best meets your needs, this might include:
• Consultation with your team
• Policy review
• Sanctuary Scheme review
• Awareness sessions
• Training sessions
• Train the Trainer sessions
• Direct support from our Outreach team if required
• Signposting to appropriate partners

Support to meet sector specific quality standards – see our Case Studies about support to achieve:
• White Ribbon Accreditation
• Make A Stand Pledge

Support at Awareness Raising events:
• International Women’s Day
• International Men’s Day
• White Ribbon 16 days

Access to resources to educate your team via our Website and Social Media platforms (currently under development)

Forum & Research updates from partner agencies working to support individuals with different needs, to assist you to make your service more accessible:
We Matter Too report – Ann Craft Trust
The Deaf Health Charity – SignHealth
Housing & Homelessness – Broxtowe Youth Homeless
BAME & DA – Hope Training