Survivor’s Story Final Part

In the final (for now) part of Debbie’s story, the child care issues are sorted, but new trials to get some of the money from her house that her partner sold begin …


I was given full custody; however supervised visits were agreed on a weekly basis for two hours from 1pm to 3pm throughout the summer holidays (six-week period).


The visits made it tricky to plan anything else on the day, due to the travel needed to go to and from, as well as the time it was scheduled.  The twins also were to stay with him on a couple of overnight visits during the school holidays in October and at Christmas.


In December 2015 he had a new partner.  In February 2016 he requested a last-minute change to the arranged visits due to the new partner moving in.  I was very concerned when they were with HIM, as the medications were not given correctly.


I found out that the twins were left upstairs on their own, not allowed to come downstairs, which left one of the twins reliant on the care of his eight-year-old brother should he have a seizure.


I sought advice and support from Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP) and they put me in touch with WHAM, as Legal Aid had run out and I was concerned for their safety.  I was also very concerned as HE went back to not showing up to collect the children after school for his scheduled visits.


The school started logging his missed scheduled visits for possible future custody court.  Again, I ensured I was there after school on standby, in case he didn’t show.


“…stating we had no relationship …”


HE has not seen the children since February 2016 nor has he sent them birthday cards and has not ever paid the £6.35 payment per week for the twins’ maintenance (HE claims he earns £45 a week).  HE is a managing director of his company and pays himself in dividends with no variations of lifestyle.


I have not had to worry about custody nor visitation problems since February 2016, however I am due to go to court in relation to the £300K property that was invested from the sale of my first house, which HE sold, against my knowledge.


HE is now stating that we had no relationship and I am not entitled to any proceeds from the sale of the rebuilt house.


I am now having to gather evidence and prepare for future court dates in relation to this.


So far, I have obtained copies of electoral role, from the property in question, for the ten-year period I was there; as well as copies of joint accounts where the mortgage payments were made.


More court dates to follow.  I owe this to myself and my sons.


An update to this story in due course…


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