Thank you for making Christmas magical once more

At this time of year it can be heart-breaking for mothers who have been through the toughest of times and aren’t able to give their children the Christmas they so long to give them.

Thanks to kind donations and gestures that can be turned around.

This poem was written by a BWP service user whose Christmas was made magical once more, thanks to someone’s generosity.

Your donations mean everything, thank you.

A Christmas Poem

We have an Iceland Christmas platter to share

A new pair of socks each for the kids

Made teddies, using needle and thread

A tree for cheap from the charity shop

Warm blankets, given by a friend

I wanted this Christmas to be so special

The horrible year we’ve had, come to an end

I wish that I could give the children more

That we didn’t just have to make do

But sadly that’s not going to be

Hopefully next year it will

Then came a knock upon my door

A lady with a box full of cheer

“A gift for you and yours, my dear”

I’ve never been so overwhelmed

I shed many a happy tear

Little gifts for the children, essentials for us all.

I’m thankful for these angels

Making Christmas magical once more