The Post Separation Abuse Programme

This group programme is about men’s domestic abuse of women post-separation. It is based on the book – Beyond the Break-up – understanding & surviving men’s domestic abuse violence against women post separation. It is suitable for survivors who have left the relationship and are still encountering abuse.

The Post Separation Abuse Programme covers the following areas –

· Harassment & stalking

· Isolation & social connections

· Legal abuse

· Economic abuse

· Abuse of children post-separation

· Counter-parenting

· Supporting children affected by their father’s abuse

· Self-blame & shame

· Triggering communications

· Seeking to win his validation

· Regaining control

· Strengthening relationship boundaries

· Case studies


This is a unique programme that covers the most common forms of post-separation abuse. It provides a wealth of information about legal, practical and safeguarding solutions together with strategies for better coping with on-going abuse. The course incorporates active learning and there is a strong focus on recovery.

Quotes from survivors attending the course:

“I’m so glad I came, before I thought it was just me this was happening to but just knowing I’m not alone has helped me so much. I would recommend to any woman who has left their relationship and is still being abused. The other women were so supportive, it was a powerful experience.”


“Thank you so much for helping me understand what he was doing to me. I feel understood and I no longer feel alone. The abuse continues but I’m now a whole lot stronger.”

Please email for more information about this programme and to express your interest in joining upcoming sessions.

Upcoming course dates to follow TBC