The Power of Poetry

Thursday 7 October 2021 is National Poetry Day; which gives us all at BWP a chance for us to reflect on the power of poetry, and words, on healing.

national poetry day

Many of the women, children and families who have been victims of Domestic Abuse find power and healing through the reflective practise of writing.  Some of the women we support have found poetry particularly powerful.

Including Sarah, who said: “Thank you for asking me to write a piece last year. If you hadn’t asked it would never occurred to me to write a poem ever. Writing has given me a whole new part of me that I never knew existed. Since finding it I feel like a whole woman, that my thoughts, words and opinions are worth something, not just to me, but other people too. Writing has given me my worth.”

Over the last year, through creative workshops in our Wellbeing Programme,  Reading  Friends and Creative Writing groups we have encouraged women to process their feelings, to express themselves and to heal through writing.

Please find some examples of their incredibly powerful work on this page.

Dear Future

Dear, oh my dear…where are you? Where is my happy ever after, my promised prince was fractured in turn he fractured me and you.

You! Dear future!

..said you would give if I stayed close…but there was nothing there…nothing there…only heartache, fear and despair.

Gone are the days of love, trust and laughter, now golden years ahead appear to be dust…so flee I must, in God’s hands now I put all my trust.


HOPE, you are based on a promise of one who cannot lie…

HOPE, in a future where no one will cry, lie, cheat or die…

I, HOPE that I hold you close so I can hold my head up high

… stop myself from drowning in the doubts of my imperfect mind…

…or bottles of sweet red wine.

My Personal Rose, by Emily – click to download and read

Beautiful Rose, by Sarah Antoinette Ball – click to download and read

My Red Quilt: Women survivors of narcissistic abuse re-writing their stories, from heartbreak to hope and healing. Click here.  This compilation was edited and published by BWP Trustee, Sally Olewe-Richards, and features contributions from women supported by BWP. 20% of net proceeds go to Domestic Abuse charities, including BWP.