Training for businesses

We can offer your organisation training and tools to help you support colleagues affected by Domestic Abuse.

People can be affected at any time – it can reduce work performance and frequently lead to time off work. This has a direct impact on business. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experiencing domestic abuse in their adult lives, you are very likely to have employees who are experiencing domestic abuse, as well as witnesses and perpetrators.

The cost of domestic abuse to businesses is estimated at £1.9 billion a year due to decreased productivity, time off work, lost wages, and sick pay.

Research shows that a high proportion of those experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work. This may include harassing phone calls, abusive partners arriving at the office unannounced, and physical assaults.

At the same time, the workplace can often be one of the few places a person experiencing abuse can be separate from their abuser. This is why it’s so important that employees feel they are able to ask for and access support at work.

Only 5% of businesses have a specific policy or guidelines in place.

We can help you to create a business case for producing a Domestic Abuse Policy, as well as designing and implementing the policy. We have a range of resources and services available to support your business in addressing domestic abuse – by raising awareness, educating employees on knowing the signs and developing information to assist employees who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Our support could include:

  • Developing a bespoke support package based on the needs of your business.
  • Providing awareness sessions to better equip your business to support those affected by domestic abuse.
  • Providing resources for your employees to have access to relevant support agencies both locally and nationally.
  • Advising you on policy and procedure to support your employees.
  • Being available for you to contact us for confidential support, information, or signposting.

We can also support your organisation in achieving quality standards such as White Ribbon Accreditation.

Examples of businesses we have supported


“PayPlan first approached Broxtowe Women’s Project in 2018, to see what we could do as an organisation to support victim-survivors of domestic abuse.

“The Partnership Manager’s (Chris) enthusiasm and passion to support service users is evident to see, and this has helped us as an organisation to devise, continually update and deliver training and awareness throughout the financial sector.

“Chris’ knowledge, guidance and ongoing support has been invaluable to us and instrumental in enhancing the support we offer to clients disclosing domestic abuse.

“BWP’s input in helping us shape our employee wellbeing programme has also been greatly appreciated.”

Lear Corporation

“We first approached BWP because we wanted to work with an organisation that supported women in our community as part of Lear’s Global Resources and Opportunities for Women (GROW) initiative.

“When we first met with BWP’s Partnership Manager, we were overwhelmed with the work she and the project did for local families.

“BWP are really supportive and have invited us along to a few events to better understand their work and what we can do as a company to raise awareness.”

Email for more information about the training we can offer.