Host an Afternoon Tea – Throughout September

How to host your afternoon tea – A 5 step guide

Where to begin? It can feel a bit overwhelming knowing what to do and when, so we have put together this helpful guide to allow you to get creative and hold a really successful event.

Start by registering yourself as a host

First things first! You will need to sign up to receive your fundraising tool kit.

When you fill in our registration form, you’ll need to set a date. Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure when you’ll be hosting yet, as long as it is sometime in September, then it will be fine!

Next, let us know where you will be hosting your event. It doesn’t have to an exact location – just tell us if you are hosting from home or work or as a local community group – this helps us to know how best to support your event.

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Get planning!

It is time to spread the word about your Afternoon tea!

Set yourself up a JustGivingpage and think about ways you can boost the fundraising activities at your event. Invite your friends and family to your afternoon tea and ask them to make a donation – you can put a suggested donation amount in of £10 or you can ask them to donate what they feel they can. Either option works well. You know the people you are inviting best.

Then you can start thinking about what to serve at your event! Great cakes are the highlight of any Afternoon tea. You will find some recipes in your fundraising kit to help you with these!

What tea will you serve? Will you keep it traditional with a nice English Breakfast or will you go fancy with some Lady Grey? How about a fruit tea or even a nice healthy green tea option? If the weather is looking to be warm, you could even make a jug of iced tea!

Get creative!

Your afternoon tea is an opportunity to hold an event with a bit of a twist!

What about making it a garden party? How about a Cocktail or Mocktail making session? Or make it a family friendly event and invite your friends with their children too? Maybe a kitchen disco sounds more like your cup of tea? How about a Bridgerton theme or something fancy like a masquerade ball theme? The sky is really the limit when you are planning a great event.

How about adding in some fundraising games? You could host a quiz or ask people to guess the amount of sugar cubes/sweets in a jar. We’ve included a couple of games in your fundraising kit to get your ideas flowing!

The day itself….

Well done! You have planned a great event – now it is time to enjoy it!

Get out the bunting and fine China…. Or maybe some pretty flower arrangements and champagne flutes! Whatever theme you have chosen, now is the time to bring it to life.

Make sure you have change for people who want to pay in cash for your fundraising games. You can also ask for donations to your fundraising page or via a QR code – a step by step guide to setting one of these up is in your fundraising pack.

Make sure you take lots of photos and share those pictures for everyone to see on social media – please tag us and share them with us too – we want to join in with the fun you are having!

And remember – Every single penny you raise really helps BWP make a difference to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

Final thing to remember – donate and celebrate!

YOU DID IT! You have hosted your first Afternoon Tea for BWP!

You will find ways to get your raised fund too us in your fundraising pack – now remember to celebrate your achievement – you have done a really great thing!


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