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Who should volunteer as a trustee at Broxtowe Women’s Project?


Are you interested in becoming a trustee at Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP), but wonder if you’re the right person for the job? In this blog, we meet two of our existing trustees to find out a bit more about why they volunteer with BWP and what being a trustee means to them.

We spoke to Rosie and Rachel who have very different experiences and knowledge to bring to the role of trustee, but who share a passion for supporting vulnerable women and families in our community. Rosie, the BWP Board Chair, worked for over 35 years in mental health services, as both a clinician and manager, before taking early retirement. She has lived in Broxtowe for over 30 years and has been a trustee of BWP since 2013.

Rachel has more recently joined the BWP Board. Working full-time for Leicestershire County Council in HR, Rachel is a qualified lawyer, having practised in the East Midlands for over 20 years.


We asked our trustees why they got involved with BWP, and why as a trustee?

Rosie – “I became involved with BWP not long after I took early retirement from my clinical manager post in the NHS. The local volunteer bureau suggested that with my work experience, a trustee position would be a good idea. I was interested in domestic violence because I have two friends who had been in abusive relationships and had supported them. I had also come across clients at work who had suffered from domestic abuse when I worked as a community psychiatric nurse in Eastwood.”

Rachel – “In a way, the charity found me. I didn’t go out looking for a domestic abuse charity, but BWP ticked all the boxes for me. I had an awareness of the impact of domestic abuse through my previous career and an acute awareness that systems in place to protect women and families can fail. I felt as though I could put those experiences and skills into good use, on my doorstop.”


Why did you become a trustee and not a different volunteer?

Rachel – “This gives me the opportunity to contribute skills and expertise to a cause that’s important to me and makes a difference to individuals. I care passionately about the cause of BWP and felt as though becoming a trustee meant I could contribute in a unique way. Also, being a trustee fits around my full-time job.”

Rosie: “Someone else suggested a trustee role, as I had been in some informal roles (e.g. children’s football club) in the past. I have found that I could use the experience of these positions of responsibility and apply them as a trustee.”


What’s one of the most challenging things about being a trustee for BWP?

Rosie – “Writing policies and procedures!”

Rachel – “The desire to contribute more time because the opportunities are endless but balancing this with what you can realistically give with other commitments.”


Finally, what’s your favourite thing about being a trustee for BWP?

Rachel – “Gaining valuable experience and insights to seeing how others respond in different circumstances and seeing the workings of a charity.”

Rosie – “I really enjoy interviewing for staff posts, group facilitation with clients and running some volunteer meetings.”


Did reading about Rosie and Rachel’s experience has made you wonder if maybe you could be the next BWP trustee? The charity are currently looking for committed volunteers to join our Board.

For more information about this opportunity, see here [LINK: https://broxtowewomensproject.org.uk/we-are-recruiting-4/]. If you would like to read more information about the role of a trustee, visit the Charity Commission’s website here [LINK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-essential-trustee-what-you-need-to-know-cc3].


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