Wellbeing sessions

Wellbeing sessions are held regularly at different locations in Broxtowe.

Regular sessions include a Walk & Talk and Coffee Mornings. Other activities are held throughout the year, such as picnics, arts and crafts, gardening, family fun days and family day trips.

Feedback from previous sessions

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event, getting the creative juices flowing, and learning how to put the thoughts in my head onto paper. Would highly recommend to EVERYONE.”

“I really enjoyed the creative writing session, it was really relaxed & fun! Everyone encouraged each other… I’ll definitely be attending the next one!”

“I’ve had lots of opportunities to write pieces in which one has ended up being put into a book! That would never have happened if I hadn’t have joined BWP as it was something I actually wrote for a project we were doing at the time. I never would have thought anything I wrote would be of any interest to others but the wellbeing group and support has given me the confidence to go for it.”

“It is unique in that there is a mutual understanding about the trauma that has been experienced that doesn’t need explaining if you don’t want to. I have made some amazing friends through the group and love engaging in the activities on offer as well as the projects we come up with. The group reminds me I am not alone and picks me up when I forget how far I have come.”