My Wellbeing Wheel

At BWP as part of our Wellbeing Project – one of our group designed and shared her Wellbeing Wheel with us, as well as her thoughts on what wellbeing means to her. 🥰

“When I think of wellbeing, what do I think that this means to me? I suppose as a whole, to me, it is to feel that inner calm and that feeling of being ‘looked after’, with that I feel balanced and whole, also peaceful and relaxed on the inside. But this takes such a variety of things and aspects in our lives to create this feeling.

Some days I feel that I will only need one or two things from my Wellbeing Wheel, and other days I know I will need as many as I can, may more!

Everyday is a new day, everyday is also a different day. Just like you and I, we are all so different, all with different lives, experiences, pressures and emotions.

🥰What is on my wheel may not appeal to you at all and your self care needs right now. The most important thing to remember when creating yours is to know – there is no right or wrong way! However, if you struggle to think of something, or feel overwhelmed of things to add or make up for your own wheel, you can happily take inspiration from mine to help you get started.

We all need to ‘Be Well’ and with that thought, to me, we all need to soothe our souls with our individual needs. We all need to love and respect ourselves in our own individual ways. This is the great thing, we are all different and how wellbeing is perceived by one, will be different to the next and the next. We all have different levels of criteria, we are all right when it becomes something to do with our inner self. We know how we feel, we know what we are lacking, and with our Wellbeing Wheels, we have a tool to know how to access things that contribute to our positive wellbeing needs.

What’s even better? We can adjust and adapt our own wheels and change them as little or as often as we like! 🥰

Here are a few ‘top up’ ideas that can be added to our Wheels:

  • Wash My Hair
  • Light a candle
  • Reflection on the day
  • Have a Bubble Bath
  • Listen to/play Music
  • Clean
  • Bake/Cook
  • Do word searches or a Quiz
  • Do your Make-Up
  • Have regular Beauty Treatments
  • Paint your Nails
  • Buy and read your favourite magazine.

You’ve got this! Love yourself, ground yourself and just simply be you!

Top tip:

My favourite Quote is positioned in a place where I can see it daily, Maybe you have  a favourite quote too! Just write it down and pop it somewhere you know you’ll see it everyday:

“Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”

I’d also like to share with you my start to the day with my Skincare routine. It starts off my day feeling fresh, positive and looked after.

  1. Headband on.
  2. Pre Cleanser, work in and rinse off.
  3. Cleanser, really worked in, Rinse off.
  4. Exfoliator (only twice a week)
  5. Face Mask (Two/Three times a week)
  6. Toner, allow to dry.
  7. Eye Cream or Eye Gel.
  8. Facial Serum, pat in.
  9. Moisturiser.
  10. Solar Shield

It may not be for everyone, but it is for me. Find what works for you and take time to look after your own wellbeing 💙💙

For more information about the BWP Wellbeing Project and the events we run, please email or you can call us on our general enquiries number, 01773 718555.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse and would like our help you can call us on 01773 719111. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you leave a message with us we will get back to you as soon as possible.