The BWP Wellbeing Project

Wellbeing is so important but BWP recognise that this can often be forgotten or not prioritised. That’s why we decided to start the Wellbeing Project.

The definition from the Oxford English Dictionary says:

Wellbeing is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.

What contributes to positive wellbeing can mean different things to different people and because of this there is such a lot that comes under the wellbeing umbrella.

It could be feeling mentally or physically fitter, building confidence, learning news things, seeking employment or volunteering, improving resilience, feeling purpose, meeting new people.

Take the time to think about what wellbeing means to you.

Wellbeing groups

The project is made up of three groups where we promote wellbeing in an accessible and inclusive space and create opportunities for women based on their own interests, abilities and strengths.

These groups meet regularly, currently via Zoom, and have other planned activities scheduled throughout each month. The women in the groups have experienced domestic abuse so we are mindful and sensitive of their needs.

Reading Friends

This group uses literature as a way to reduce isolation and bring women together. Using it to start conversations, expand on these and learn from and about each other in a safe environment.

By just opening a book and picking out a sentence can immediately connect with others, one example of this ‘Butterscotch Angel Delight’, what does this mean to you? It is surprising how many different stories and memories this one statement resonates with people.

The group is run by trained Reading Friends facilitators. Currently the sessions are run via zoom, but once Covid restrictions allow they will be held at Eastwood, Stapleford and Beeston Library.

The Walking Group

Run by trained walk leaders, who will plan and assess the walks prior to them being carried out.

It is proven that exercise helps wellbeing both mentally and physically. The NHS recommend that an adult does 150 minutes a week and walking is a great way to do this. It is free, can be done any time and you don’t need to buy any fancy equipment to do it.

Due to Covid restrictions the walks have recently not been able to take place but they are now being planned for the new year with groups of six women initially as governed by the Covid guidelines.

In the school holidays there are planned buggy walks using themes, such as the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

Wellbeing Warriors

This is the newest of the groups that has been set up and they came up with the name themselves.

They don’t have a set agenda but use this opportunity to use the forum to put ideas forward for projects they want to work collectively on. Everyone has something that they can bring to the group and contribute in a way that they feel comfortable doing so.

This group is currently being run via zoom, but will meet face to face once Covid restrictions allow it.

What our members think

BWP ensure all members of its wellbeing groups feel they are valued and always take their feedback into consideration.

Some of the women we work with have told us what the Wellbeing Project means to them.

Click the items below to hear more from them.

Pushing boundaries and fighting anxiety

“When I first heard about the wellbeing group I thought “why not?”, but then my anxiety kicked in thinking “what on earth could I bring to the group?”

I remember telling Justine (the outreach officer who supports the Wellbeing Project) that I wasn’t sure if I could bring anything to the group.

I persevered with starting this group and I remember my heart pounding speaking up, worrying what others would think of my ideas – what if they are “too out there” what if my ideas sound silly, well the Very FIRST session all of my Anxieties were put at bay. I shot ideas out, bouncing off the other ladies. I started thinking ok – maybe I can bring something to the group.

Everyone was very welcoming, the atmosphere even doing the session virtually was great! It felt like an instant family.

As the Months have gone on some of those very first ideas I put out there have now become a reality with the input of everyone in the group.

There is a sense of belonging, accomplishment. Its very rewarding.

Part of the reason I first joined the wellbeing group is because I had just finished the freedom programme and was worried how I would cope just ending all support. (Not that it ever really ends with BWP)

Now I absolutely love the wellbeing group, to see some of the amazing achievements we have already made. The ideas that are always coming up.

I’ve had lots of opportunities to write pieces in which one has ended up being out into a book! That would never have happened if I hadn’t have joined BWP as it was something I actually wrote for a project we were doing at the time.

I never would have thought anything I wrote would be of any interest to others but the wellbeing group and support has given me the confidence to go for it.

Overall although I had my reservations about the wellbeing group to begin with I would be lost without it now. The group is all about us, what we would like to do/see. There is absolutely no pressure and every women there is ready to help uplift each other.

Its really is an amazing group that I am so grateful to be apart of.”

Sharing a mutual understanding of their traumas

“I was a little nervous to join the group at first but I am so glad I did. The other women in the group are so lovely and supportive and I look forward to our meetings and projects.

It is unique in that there is a mutual understanding about the trauma that has been experienced that doesn’t need explaining if you don’t want to. I have made some amazing friends through the group and love engaging in the activities on offer as well as the projects we come up.

The group reminds me I am not alone and picks me up when I forget how far I have come.”

Wellbeing events

Please visit our upcoming courses and events page for details on Wellbeing events you can get involved in.

To book a place, please email

Feedback from previous sessions

Wondering if you would enjoy one of our sessions? Here is some feedback from a couple of ladies who attended the Creative Writing session:

” I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event, getting the creative juices flowing, and learning how to put the thoughts in my head onto paper. Would highly recommend to EVERYONE.”

“I really enjoyed the creative writing session, it was really relaxed & fun! Everyone encouraged each other and Sophie was absolutely amazing! Ill definitely be attending the next one!”

Wellbeing newsletters

Each month we send out a newsletter to all of our service users with ideas of how they can incorporate wellbeing into their lives.

Newsletters from 2020/21


For more information about the BWP Wellbeing Project and the events we run, please email or you can call us on our general enquiries number, 01773 718555.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse and would like our help you can call us on 01773 719111. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you leave a message with us we will get back to you as soon as possible.