We’ve got you… Survivor’s Story

Surviving Corona

Thank goodness I’m no longer living with my ex now I’m holed up at home self-isolating. I feel so relieved as I can’t contemplate how bad this would be if we were still together. I really feel for women who are stuck indoors and still suffering abuse.


As it is, I find our new situation very cosy, just me and Harry, my 5-year-old son. We’ve been splitting our days between work and play. As long as Harry is happy that’s all that matters. We’ve made rainbows and stuck them to windows, done a family tree, drawn pictures of the family, played board games and done lots of reading. Today we’ll be making a car from recycling and doing some baking.


It just means I can’t get much of my own stuff done. Trying to fit my University work in while Harry is playing is too difficult just now. I’m not worried, I’ll get it done at some point.


We’ve been properly self-isolating because I had symptoms, so my mum and dad have been doing our shopping.  Another three days and I’ll enjoy taking Harry out to the park again, still avoiding everyone of course but the weather has been lovely, and I’ve been missing the fresh air.


So, life could be much worse and has been so much worse in the past. Me and Harry are just taking it one day at a time and trying to have fun along the way.


Knowing I’m not alone and still being supported by my outreach worker from Broxtowe Women’s Project is also helping me to get through. Although I’ve now left the relationship, my ex is still causing problems with child contact, still trying to control me and making unreasonable demands because he knows this still upsets me. My outreach worker will always listen to my concerns and fears and this really helps to calm me and stop my worries from escalating. She has also helped me complete court paperwork as I am now applying for a Child Arrangements Order due to all the problems. It’s good to know I have her on my side, I don’t talk to my parents about these things as it would only worry them.

Broxtowe Women’s Project are still offering support to those affected by domestic abuse if you need support advice please email enquiries@broxtowewp.org, call or text 07914634190 we are still here for you.