About Us

BWP is a support and advice charity for women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse, supporting survivors of current and historic domestic abuse at any stage in their journey. 

We are trauma informed, recognising and responding to ways that survivors are affected by their experiences by working in a way that supports resilience and recovery.

We provide a holistic, wraparound family service, empowering women to regain financial and domestic control, and lead independent, fulfilling, safe and positive lives.

BWP provide guidance and training, we identify abilities and strengths, building on transferrable skills and supporting women towards positive progressions.  We challenge the stigma associated with domestic abuse, advocate for women and their families, raise awareness to prevent abuse and campaign for an end to domestic abuse and violence and navigating women towards lives free from abuse.

We nurture children and young people affected by domestic abuse, giving them time and space to explore their feelings in a safe and supportive environment, building confidence and resilience, helping them to understand healthy relationships and emotions.

Our Mission Statement 

‘BWP ensure those affected by Domestic Abuse are empowered to be safe and in control of their own lives.’

women together

The work of BWP is focused on directly supporting women, children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse (DA), together with preventing DA through awareness raising, training, and campaigning. BWP’s main services include:

A helpline (office hours) providing information and crucial safety and risk management advice. Additional emotional support is provided through our counselling and wellbeing programmes, and practical aid offered in securing and delivering essential donations, alongside giving access to vital legal support.

This provides a safe space for the sharing of experiences together with specialised therapeutic based interventions, building confidence and understanding of healthy relationships.

Working in partnership within the local community across the East Midlands to embed DA awareness, policies, and procedures with support and training for businesses that enable them to recognise and respond to DA as an organisational priority.


The history of BWP

Our founder, Andrea Lucy-Hirst at our 20th birthday afternoon tea, July 2021.


Broxtowe Women’s Project was set up in January 2001 to provide an information and support service for women living in Broxtowe who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

The Project was developed by Broxtowe Women’s Issues Network, a group of women and men from various agencies focusing on women’s issues in the Broxtowe Borough, particularly domestic abuse. They identified a gap in resources and created Broxtowe Women’s Project to provide much needed support to families and children experiencing domestic abuse.

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