Children and Young People

We have a team of outreach workers that offer support to Children and Young People between the ages of 4 and 18 who have experienced domestic abuse.

The support we offer enables Children and Young People to understand their experiences in a safe and confidential space whilst helping them to improve their wellbeing, mental health and understanding of healthy relationships.

What do we offer?

One-to-one and group sessions tailored to the individual’s needs depending on their experiences.

Art and play therapy-based sessions, focusing on a variety of subjects such as:

· Coping strategies

· Anxiety

· Mental health support

· Anger and how to express it positively

· Personal development

· Confidence

· Self-esteem

· Healthy relationships

· Reducing risk and promoting safety

· Emotions and how to manage and express them

· Promotion of self-care

· Building resilience

· Trauma

· Helping to remove shame and guilt

· Promoting positive attitudes towards women and girls

· Promoting physical health (sleep, eating, sexual health)

· Reduce isolation through work on friendships and encouragement of hobbies/interests

· Improving relationship with mum and other family members

· Support around bullying

Where does it happen?

At the child or young person’s school, college or other community venue where appropriate.

We also carry out mum and child sessions to rebuild relationships and promote understanding of experiences.

We attend Wellbeing sessions in the community to offer activities/support to promote wellbeing and personal development.

How does Domestic Abuse affect children and young people?

Watch this short, powerful video from Kaleidoscopic UK.