Our Work

BWP are here to help women living in the Borough of Broxtowe who are experiencing domestic abuse.

We provide a confidential helpline, outreach service, training courses and drop in sessions, all aimed at empowering women and to help them survive domestic abuse. Find out more about our services below.

BWP Outreach Service is how we provide vital information and support to women who need our help.

Support can be provided over the phone or in person by one of our experienced and qualified outreach workers.

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BWP offers a range of services to support young people to talk about their experience in a safe and confidential environment.

We offer 121 support as well as access to counselling and therapeutic interventions.

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BWP offers access to free legal information and advice in cases of domestic violence and abuse.

We work with local solicitors to give women and families who need it, access to the advice they need to move forward.

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The BWP Wellbeing Project is made up of three groups where we promote wellbeing in an accessible and inclusive space.

Wellbeing is so important but it can often be forgotten or not prioritised.

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BWP offer access to various courses and training.

For example, the Freedom Programme – which aims to help victims of domestic abuse make sense of and understand what has happened to them.

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BWP supports organisations to ensure they are better placed to identify & support, employees affected by domestic abuse.

All employees can be affected by domestic abuse at any time. It can affect their work performance and frequently leads to time off work.

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