Survivors’ Programme

This group programme is about men’s domestic abuse of women. It is based on the coursebook One in Four Women – understanding men’s domestic abuse and violence against women. It aims to de-mystify domestic abuse, allow survivors to feel heard and understood while validating their experiences of abuse.

The Survivors Programme covers the following areas –

· Why do men become domestic abusers?

· Methods of control

· Coercive control

· Social isolation

· Sexual abuse

· Self-blame

· Physical abuse

· Economic abuse

· Weaponising children

· Stalking, harassment & electronic monitoring

· Trauma bonding

· Staying safe

This course provides up-to-date and relevant information to survivors. Some similar group courses are quite dated – the material no longer relevant. Unlike other courses, The Survivors Programme incorporates ‘tips for survival’ to direct survivors towards recovery. Trauma recovery practices are also encouraged as part of the active learning element of the course.

This course can be run over 8 to 12 weeks.

Quotes from survivors who have attended the course:

“I’ve been on the Freedom Programme but this course is so much better, way more relevant. I feel I have learnt more and made so much progress having attended The Survivors Programme.”


“I feel that a weight has lifted. I understand what has happened to me with clarity and I now understand the self-blame. I can’t recommend this course enough, for me it honestly has been life changing.”


Please email for more information about this programme and to express your interest in joining upcoming sessions.

Upcoming course dates to follow TBC


Train to facilitate The Survivors Programme


Does your organisation run a group domestic abuse programme that feels outdated? Would you like to deliver a more relevant and up-to-date programme? BWP are rolling out facilitator training to organisations. The training is generally run over two days either in person or via zoom. BWP have already trained facilitators in charities, Children’s Centres, NHS and refuges. If you are interested in your staff learning to facilitate this exciting and up-to-date programme, please email us at for more information.

Quotes from trainee facilitators:

“Such good training, I have learnt a lot today. I enjoyed the active style of learning and I will incorporate much of my new learning into my role.”


“I found your knowledge incredible. It was good to have lots of real examples to relate to.”


“Great informative course – I can’t wait to start facilitating my first group. So much better than the course we had been running.”